Whether you are a newbie or a veteran looking for more training opportunities, we want you.

You do not need to fill up a 10 or 5 pages recruitment/interview form, but simply by possessing the below;

Male/ female

Age is not a factor

Race or religion is also not a factor

Spoken language is the least factor

Malaysian/foreigner  (foreigner to have valid working permits)

ONLY Ace certified may apply. Not ACE certified? Again not a factor…..click here ( Ace banner to appear here) Come back to us when you are ready, our door is always open for you.

Why ACE ? Because the boss is certified by ACE and hopefully shares the same knowledge and know how imparted by ACE.  Nothing against any other certifications.

Trainers in any other discipline may apply i.e swimming, tennis, badminton, golf, salsa etc. Although we are not doing any marketing for them (yet), there are inquiries once awhile.

FMFB will do a background check on all potential trainees so as to give peace of mind to clients especially when they send their juniors for training.


Lets rock and roll.